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 3D Gel Dosimeters

GeVero Co. delivers:


1. Polymer gel dosimeters


Those normoxic 3D dosimeters that consist of NVP monomer, gelatine or Pluronic F-127 matrix can be delivered.

More information on such dosimeters can be found in the following publication. There one may find a review of the NVP-containing gel dosimeters:


NVP-containing polymer gel dosimeters can be delivered in GeVero Co. phantoms:

(Note that the phantoms protect the dosimeters inside from cracking and formation of empty spaces due to shrinking of the dosimeters upon physical/chemical hydrogel matrix formation.)


     a) Brachytherapy calibration phantom 1: item catalogue number: PH-1a-BRA

     b) Cross beam calibration phantom: item catalogue number: PH-2-CR

     c) Depth dose calibration phantom: item catalogue number: PH-3-DTH

     d) Multi vials calibration phantom: item catalogue number: PH-4-MLT

     e) Dose distribution phantom 1: item catalogue number: PH-5-DD1

     f) Dose distribution phantom 2: item catalogue number: PH-6-DD2

     g) Verification phantom 1: item catalogue number: PH-7-V1

     h) Verification phantom 2: item catalogue number: PH-8-V2


2. Radiochromic gel dosimeters


3D radiochromic gel dosimeters based on Pluronic F-127 matrix and tetrazolium salts can be delivered.


More information on such dosimeters can be found elsewhere:







The dosimeters can be delivered in customs containers.


Note that both 3D radiochromic and 3D polymer gel dosimeters are for research purposes only.