Verification phantom 2: item catalogue number: PH-8-V2

Recent design - see the photographs above.



Height: 210 mm (+ 10 mm: a filler plug)

Inner diameter of the main part available for irradiation: 90 mm

Height of the main part available for irradiation: 130 mm

Width max (lower lid: stand): 130 mm

Equipped with the holder for the CC04 ionisation chamber.

Polymer gel volume: approximately 1040 cm3


Some features of the phantom:


- Phantom equipped with the holder for the CC04 ionisation chamber.

- Very easy to operate.

- Very easy to clean.

- For multiple use.

- The construction enables tight closure and the separation of a polymer gel dosimeter composition from oxygen.

- Transparent walls for observation of the irradiation effects in a polymer gel dosimeter.

- They are made of plastic. They can be scanned with MRI, CT or OCT.



A hint

The phantom serves for point measurements of the absorbed ionising radiation dose by the CC04 ionisation chamber in the scattering conditions provided by a polymer gel dosimeter. The holder is designed such that its walls around the measuring part of the CC04 ionisation chamber are no more than 1-mm thick.


The phantom with a polymer gel dosimeter can be scanned with the chosen technique (MRI, CT, OCT or Ultrasonography). The scanning data can be processed with the aid of the polyGeVero®software (item catalogue number: S-2POLY-1).