How to store a calibration etc.


This workspace (Calibration Curve Summary Table, CST) serves as a database of the radiation dosimeters’ calibration characteristics. The user has access to all calibrations that have been created and saved in the Calibration Workspace and subsequently added to CST.


The essential function of CST is to store calibrations and allow the selection of a calibration equation for calculating a dose distribution in the Gel Dosimetry Dose Distribution Workspace.


A range of other options is prepared in CST. These include:


- filtering data stored in this database

- creating a cumulative calibration curve and equation, which is composed from a few other calibration curves

- manually or automatically adding a new calibration

- displaying a few calibrations on one graph and exporting data as TXT or BMP files or as reports

- viewing calibration details for a particular calibration.



Some options can be seen in the movie above.