How to calculate Brachytherapy calibration


Brachytherapy calibration is a method of calculating a calibration equation, which usually employs one vial filled with a polymer gel dosimeter and irradiated with a brachytherapy isotope (e.g., 125I, 192Ir, 103Pd, 169Yb). The irradiation is planned with single or multiple dwell positions of an irradiation source and a dose at a certain distance is pre-set to cover a wide dose range.


This movie presents the rapid calculation of the brachytherapy calibration with the polyGeVero® software and the GeVero® Brachytherapy calibration phantoms. The Brachytherapy calibration phantoms can be seen here:


It should be noted that the polyGeVero® software is equipped with a brachytherapy database. This database includes the sources, which are typical for brachytherapy, their characteristics and references to the scientific literature. This database is used for calculations of the brachytherapy calibrations. The database is created such that it is possible to add new radiation sources with their characteristics and edit those existing in the database.